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Nice to meet you too! As Magdlyn pointed out, Paul essentially made the greatest of all foods accessible to Christians. He also tends to give me the greatest conflicts in reading the Bible.

Originally Posted by jasminegld View Post
When we talk with conservative Christian family and friends, it doesn't do any good to criticize Paul's credentials or any other part of the Bible. It's more effective to understand the religious concerns of the person we're talking with and speak to those concerns in religious language.
I usually try not to do ad hominem, seriously. . I meant it from the "already questioning" perspective and context criticism. You're absolutely right about not attacking a person's religion just to make your point. I wouldn't do that to someone unfamiliar with poly, but from a frustrated Christian point of view, it's easy (for me at least) to slip and discredit parts that don't feel right..

I haven't started Divine Sex yet, LR. I just finished The Ethical Slut, and DS is next. Since we just found this community in January, we ordered a few of the recommended books and are taking them in turn.

Since you've finished it, in retrospect are there any parts you (or anyone else, for that matter) recommend paying particular attention to, or re-reading in DS? I'm going to start it this weekend.
"[Polyamory] is not all wine, chocolates, and fucking..." horribly paraphrased from RedPepper

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