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Hi TP, sounds like things are going well. Good to hear! Yes, do come back and post when things are good - not only do all of us want to read good news, it helps to remind you of your blessings.

I was prescribed antidepressants only twice in my life, the most recent after my husband left and I became a sobbing heap for about three months straight. I was prescribed an SSRI to help me through. It worked for the first few months, I think. Crying jags decreased. Then the doc upped my dosage.

Unfortunately, the side effects were too much. I am someone who normally rarely gets headaches and I was having them all day every day, and the moodswings and crying jags were back. After a month of that, and having seriously suicidal thoughts, I went off them - now I know I can't really compare my short experience to yours, but I wanted to pass along what I began doing to soften the withdrawal process. Since I couldn't take it anymore and my doc hadn't gotten back to me with a new scrip for something else, I just stopped taking them cold. In their place, I started taking 5-HTP from the health food store. I had found numerous message boards where folks who had been on all sort of antidepressants switched to 5-HTP and were very happy. I also read about a controversial study that has been pooh-poohed by the larger medical community, in which they determined that antidepressants are no more effective than placebos. Food for thought. After going off the SSRIs, I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms and -- thank the universe -- the headaches were gone. They literally stopped the day after I stopped taking the prescription meds. 5-HTP does something with serotonin. With that I am taking L-Tyrosine, after someone here recommended it to help with the 5-HTP, Ginkgo Biloba, and Ginseng. So far, so good!!

When I finally got to see my shrink, he said we'll meet again after a month and see how it goes. Fortunately, he knows about naturopathic remedies, too. He said we can also try SAME or St. John's Wort (separately, not all at once) if the 5-HTP doesn't do a good job. But I am feeling so much better now, I think I'll stick with it. Next step in keeping my depression at bay will be regular exercise - if I can make it a habit. So important!!

All the best to you...
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