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Yes .... I think the pain situation is very similar and now I know a little of what you went through... It reminded me of when my dad died. I had my business so I put it on autopilot and spent the last month with him. Cancer slow painful way to go. I remember many times at 2 or 3 in the morning watching him thinking I got to end this it's just too fucking painful to watch. I thought if put 4-5 morphine patches on him this fucking nightmare will be over. I didn't because I thought in the grief I may forget to remove them.... but I thought about it many times. Up until this that the most painful thing I had to endure.

I completely understand about the sympathetic pain you felt with your daughters father blower her off.....absolutely crushing ....I want his head on a pike now too ... that's the sleep anger talking

Do you know anything about melatonin ....I'm sure I didn't spell that correctly?

Don't want to start down sleeping pill road....yet

Thanks again D