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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
7) " kinky pictures found I blew" Yes and NO Over 300 emails and 35 photo's. Most of my anger is at the blatant stupidity of this...goes to judgment... I know you're NOT getting the fact a little girls image of her mother has been completely destroyed/ her entire universe has been destroyed. You have no idea the pain this little girl is in. Its that pain that fuels my anger not the pictures.
I totally get that. It's hard to write a coherent sentence when you are struggling through the inability to make right your child's suffering.

Even though it's TOTALLY different, I struggled through that when my daughter was trying to birth this grandbaby. After 40 hours of her screaming and the last 20 of them pushing. Us being able to see his hair with every push, but her in agony... I was ready to murder every staff member at the hospital. Listening to her scream, "mommy PLEASE MAKE IT STOP" followed by a psychotic sounding wail to "GIVE ME THE FUCKING KNIFE I'LL CUT HIM OUT MYSELF". My capacity to handle the nurse saying, "you're fine honey, just breathe" was GONE GONE GONE.

As I said, totally different situation. The one similarity being, the parents struggle to handle their child's devastation and pain whilst being wholly unable to stop it. THAT PART-I'm totally there with you. That her other parent caused it. Unforgivable. Maybe someday that will change, but not any time soon. I understand that too.
When same said daughter was bawling her eyes out because her daddy didn't give a DAMN about her.... knowing that him blowing her off was a choice he made IN HER FACE.... the rage was insurpassable. Forgiveness.... it was 15 years and a lot of ass kissing from him to her (and to his parents and to me and to my husband) before I considered it.

Just hold the fort as best you can.
Talk to the Dr about something to help you sleep.
Hold her when she'll let you hold her.
Let her vent.
See the counselors and follow the instructions they have.
Love your son. Too often we get caught up in the child with the emergency and forget to show as much attention to the other child who is "ok". Be sure he gets lots of love too.
"Love As Thou Wilt"