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nycindie Thank you for insight

I dont think your general characterization is completely wrong just a couple assumptions. My mind has been assaulted from so many directions. Its like bee attack.

Being confronted with her being sexual.....that falls toward the bottom of the list. The language and vocabulary of the emails I did find distasteful and hard to understand. You seemed to pick out the word pig as I used it and gave it a negative meaning. There are photo's of her body with that word written on it. I know pig was used several times.... cum slut, ass whore, cunt, ass cunt, mouth cunt....pig seems mild in contrast. These photo's really show loving commitment to spiritual growth ...if you didn't know you would think it was retrieved from a serial sex offenders lair after his arrest. She looked beat up.... marks, bruises.. eye make smeared from crying, cum on her face....what beautiful image to store on a computer...I wonder if she or they edited out the unflattering one.... the one in which she may look fat or you couldn't read the text clear enough.

My first issue seems very irrelevant at this point. The email traffic supports most of my hesitation. It also suggest this was going on 6 months prior.... get my sharpie he need to add LYING CHEATING WHORE to her. Just lying and cheating whore was used many times.

" It not relevant how she relates to me" It is now...The c word has been out of bounds from as long as I can remember.... and she hated it use in reference to other and I've never used it toward her ever. Now cunt is no longer big deal she been called it hundreds of times and worse. Hell she enjoys it.

Another aspect of the relevance is needing a sports medicine trainer to relieve those beat up or strain muscles....If I had any idea I was helping to put her back in the game.... WOW ....fucking very relevant

your grasp of my history is pretty good... To clarify...1) "her making good money" she does contribute to our household always has ....she is like the President never has cash on her.... hey ya 20 for this or 50 for this ... or it could 3 bucks for coffee. I was just thinking let someone else be the atm. Or the mechanic for her car...let him crawl under it

2) She (acted) as though she was upset by me removing my wedding ring. I was confused by her reaction....still am from what I know now.

3) Yes I was disappointed when she blew her kids off. You can't use rhetoric about family time and what it means and then do the opposite. In all these situations because of the constraints of time and typing skills there is more subtle things got highlights or bullet points.

4) No car crash and the hill....tried to do a jump caught an edge...bad day .... I found out she was there after I asked for her to drive up. Kid still don't know she was in emails to prove otherwise.

5) the insurance decision was made to protect my kids not punish my wife. Plus I have to admit I want to remove the incentive of my waking up dead...but those thoughts were momentary.

6) Seething ....Might be too strong....but yes I've been hurt. I look at it like a lot of paper cuts some deeper than others.

7) " kinky pictures found I blew" Yes and NO Over 300 emails and 35 photo's. Most of my anger is at the blatant stupidity of this...goes to judgment... I know you're NOT getting the fact a little girls image of her mother has been completely destroyed/ her entire universe has been destroyed. You have no idea the pain this little girl is in. Its that pain that fuels my anger not the pictures.

Thank you very much for comments and I couldn't agree more as to your last paragraph ....focus is now on rebuilding whats left. I'm really not to interested in a relationship with my wife ( cum slut/ ass whore ) right now.
I feel a Sam Kinison rant coming on

I Thank again for effort and kind words..... D