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Originally Posted by MintyGum View Post
I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I'm waiting for him to "grow out of it." Does that even happen? Is this a phase that men can grow out of?

-Sad & Disillusioned

Yes, people can happily be monogamous, after poly encounters. It is not always a case of ; 'Once you go poly, you can never go back.'
You can in essence be 'bi' .... monogamous or poly.

Much like anything with poly and open relationships, there are various ways of feeling about it. Some people see it as a choice, some people see it as a identity, and so on.

My husband and I, while in good relationships outside of ourselves currently, could be happily monogamous as well. We don`t 'need' poly (in fact we only identify as in a open relationship, but for arguments sake, we`ll call it poly here.), is not a machine that guides us.

When you ask specifically about him 'growing out of it' can`t wish that on someone. People generally know if it is something they feel they can`t live without, or if its something they feel they can ' take-it or leave-it.'
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