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Default Another thank you

Originally Posted by dragonshadow View Post
hello im new here and i just started reading some of the threads, ive noticed alot of parrellels in your relationship with your husband and my own marriage. I'm in a situation like yours and trying to understand everything and your thread has actually helped a good deal. thank you
I too see some parallels with my own marriage. We're married for 13 years, I've had him all to myself. Now we are dating another woman and I feel the jealousy. It is very difficult to learn about all these new emotions that I thought I was completely prepared for but, apparently, was not. There is a part of me that wants to call the whole thing off, tell him I cannot do this and lose the girlfriend... but another part of me wants this because I have seen what we are when we are together.

Good luck to you both and thank you for sharing your story.
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