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Default Me...poly?

Hi my name is Bernard. I am a 27 year old man living in the Boston metro area.
I recently became involved with a openly poly woman and we have a loving relationship.
As of now we have agreement which allows for fun with others but not sex. This is fine with me as I am new to poly. It has been hard for me at times to fight jealousy when I see her enjoying herself with others when we go out. Tonight for example she obviously smitten with a long term friend visiting from out of town. It was hard not to smile when I saw her so happy like that at the same time I was sad that tonight she would be cuddling with him and not me. The issue for me is not physical intimacy with others as much as losing time with her.
Anyway I have been trying to educate myself about poly and think it may be the right choice for me as I always find myself wanting more from my previous mono partners than they could give.
Perhaps having more than one partner may fulfill my needs. My current Girlfriend Liz has suggested that perhaps I find another partner besides her as we are both extremely busy with work and school and often have conflicting schedules.
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