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thank you Mohegan, and i'm really happy for you there. ^.^ this is almost verbatim what i would like to hear from R. but he is ready for kids right now. and he feels that at his age he doesn't have much time to lose, and K is ready right now. so he thinks those things together make it time. i just don't. and when he asks me about kids, i have to honestly say the we, all of us together in this situation, aren't ready. and he seems to see that as me saying i'm not ready. and here is K..being ready... what i plan to talk to him about is if he's waited this long, he's in his 40s, he can wait another year or two to make sure things are right between us all, or at least right between he and whoever the mother will be.

i thank you so very very much Mohegan, i really value your perspective as it seems so very similar to mine. (wow that was a lot of "very's")
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