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Originally Posted by axlfreak View Post
i am also going to say that i think they should hold off on trying for kids until we've lived together.
Is she moving in soon? I have a live in boyfriend that moved in in the fall after 18 months. It took a long time to get through the NRE, the adjustment of someone so huge in our lives, for us and our families... no small thing. I would suggest waiting for a good long time before even thinking of talking about living together. Especially with this baby thing going on.

There are some great threads on "moving" if you do a tag search. You can have a look at my blog too from the fall... say September 2010 to December 2010...? We had a long drawn out process that resulted in happy domestic bliss. Not that you are like us at all, but we certainly learned some stuff along the way that might help...

Sounds like you are ready to have a good talk. Good for you. Hope it works out.
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