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I thank all for the open and candid discussions that are going on in this thread. I was told just 5 days ago that my wife of 14 years is bi-sexual. I truly don't know what I am in for yet and appreciate all of the advice that everyone has to offer. I believe we have the relationship that can survive.

I can tell you that when the conversation happened with my for me it was an enlightening experience. It really changed the dynamics of our marriage overnight in a very positive way and she and I for the first time in years feel like newlyweds again--so much to explore!

I hold the utopian view that we can find that unicorn...we have so much to offer! In my heart I see her desire to experience the love from another woman and it makes me glow. I will for one keep hope alive as I am a man of seeing the glass as half full. I hope beyond all hope that there is a woman out there that can love us!
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