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Default Looking for Encouragement

Hi all. Just joined up after reading this post. A little about myself, I've been married 26 years to my wife. I've been out to her as bi for the last 25 years. I've recently come to accept that I need to be with a man and a woman to be happy and complete. I've read the book Divine Sex and love it. I've asked my wife to read the book and she said she would, but she's very busy with work and so she's reading about 1 page every other day. We are both commited Christians and have had this stumbling block to our marriage, (my being bi) and I believe that this book will resolve the issue for better or worse. What I mean is that I hope she will come to understand that it's not God who has place all these restrictions on marriage being only monogomous (sp?) and that we can open up as a couple to adding a man in some way to our marriage. Or, she will state that she does not believe that our marriage can be opened up and it will come to an end (not my desire). Anyway... Thanks for reading.. sorry about the spelling errors..
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