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Carma .... you right dinged doesn't cover it more thing to fix

I can't describe the gut wrenching pain my daughter was put through for what I believe to sloppy personal conduct. If you're going to do that shit better make damn sure it stays private.

If you read the emails and saw the pictures you may have a hard time finding that loving person.....I see self indulgent hedonistic pig....


Interesting user name... might have to change my to shear agony or never ending AG kidding

Thank you for your heart felt comments...much appreciated.
I can see the pain ....well I've heard she's in a great deal of pain when I talked to her sister Sunday evening. Got a call recently from her boss he was told she was hospitalized or something and he was truly concerned. Didn't lie I just said I was uncertain of her condition and that she was out town at her sisters and it would be best to email her or use her cell I think he could sense there was a bigger problem.

I'm not trying to maximize her pain...perhaps add to YES... are you sure it wont help lessen my pain....I thinking it might help just a little.... pay back... ya know The emails in which I was directly mentioned are what I'm thinking of....hard to get over.

I'm sorry I don't know your personal story it sounds like you've been in your share of pain hope your on the other side now..

I'm not going to double down.....A younger me would have gone with scorch earth campaign ...fuck it
Today I weigh everything as to how it will effect the family.... I run things by my good friend and lawyer.... off chance I'm not right in the head...