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Default Other threads on the book

Hi, I found a few related threads, so I thought I'd point them out here...

RickPlus reviewed Sex at Dawn, and a discussion followed in the Book Recommendations thread:
The link above goes directly to the review and discussion which starts at Post #71. At Post #78 member Zinc summarizes the book.

See also a thread by Jokutus about jealousy, prompted by his reading of the book:

...and a thread where member Immaterial asked for opinions on the book, but no one responded:

Also, the book has been mentioned in several members' blogs, including mine, but mine was part of a longer post about a specific relationship, so I'll just include the little bit I wrote about the book here:
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Been reading Sex at Dawn . . . It's an interesting book, with good writing, and full of conclusions that seem to make lots of sense. The authors point out flawed conclusions of other scientists who have made pronouncements about human love and relationships, but they don't back up their own conclusions with enough evidence. Some, but not a lot. So, you know, there really is no proof of anything, but it does seem to support very well the idea that people are biologically designed for polyamory -- that is not to say everyone is meant to be polyamorous, but that we're built for it . . . So, each person still has to make their own choices, but I like the idea that the status quo is being questioned. Who knows? Maybe we'll start to see poly families in commercials soon.
I need to read it again because I think I skipped a lot of it.
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