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This is all a bit weird for me because I only really heard of polyarmory, or rather considered it as a concept in relation to me, 10 days ago. I've started a relationship with a man in a polyamorous marriage... it was him who introduced me to the idea, and I have to say, it answers a lot of questions, and addresses a lot of issues I have with traditional couplings.

I do have one concern though, which I haven't really found a definitive answer to reading other people's posts and listening to podcasts etc...

What exactly do you mean when you say "secondary" relationship? Secondary in terms of the amount of time one person spends with the other? Does it signify where his/her "stuff" is stored? Or, in people's opinion, does it also sometimes relate to an emotional pecking order?

I really would value your honest opinions on this. I am literally just about to step out onto the polyamorous path - and whilst I don't know this guy well enough right now to worry about the long term, I would like to walk into whatever I am about to do with my eyes open to the possibilities.

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