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Thanks mono for measured comments....
.... I was speaking figuratively( head on pike) for the most part. Legally I have a lawyer looking into that... right now it looks like all provocative talk and and all photo where unsolicited. His people are going through our home computer as well. As I purchased it and was the administrator we have some footing. Any action taken she would be named as well.

My daughter has had only a few conversations with her mother....all of which she screamed things into the phone.... your sick, your disgusting... you liar, how could do those things at family outing with my friend right there, I'm calling grandma and telling her what you did. I don't want to look at you all I'll see is those pictures.

So actually I got the idea of sending the photo's and some of the emails from my daughter.

My anger is generated from 3 points. 1 content of emails and time line this started out an affair. Aside from the explicit stuff, comments about me and the kid really fucking piss me off. I would love for either one of them to say those same things to my face. 2. Both made a choice to send this type of material back forth under peoples noses as an added thrill. We know she used her blackberry a lot of the time. 3. Pictures.... taking them perhaps not smart.... sending them via internet Stupid .... saving them fucking Stupid.

Let not forget the text traffic.... we are digging into this as well. I mention this to illustrate the huge number of times they could have been discovered sending explicit X-rated material back and forth to each other.

In every case he or she made a choice of the content, to send or to save and the manner in which they interact with one another. That make hundreds if not thousands of decisions. I know they had close calls because they talked about them in the emails....Super fucking stupid didn't see the eventuality of such risks. Its like Tiger woods or Brett Farve just thought they're too smart or too lucky to get caught.

My daughter and I have met with a family therapist as well...part of the same team she is getting everything anyone can think of..but you can't unring the bell. Biggest challenge now is my son.... he's kind of a mushroom...kept in the dark and fed horseshit. The professionals and I are working on a consensus for a plan for him. Daughter thought he should go with mom originally because he doesn't know much.... but then she says (we) can't let him be with her...what if it happens again....what if he's around that creepy guy. Who knows what that creep is its to big a risk.

RP Thanks
you are correct sleep is a huge problem at the moment. I do know it and I never do rash things.

I have not said anything about the situation in anger since Friday....her not being here has helped. Not sure when I talked with... I think Friday to arrange transport to her sisters.

This wasn't an accident as I view situation. This was a disaster just waiting to happen or they got off flirting with that disaster.


I can guarantee no body (needs)to see or read the emails. However I think in a few cases because of long standing relationship dynamic that they should share in the pain. Especially Grandma....
Not sure why so many of you think sharing these photo's and emails is such a bad idea....outside adding more pain to my family...that wont happen. I have no desire to hurt his family....however I'm very interested as to his wife's role.... if she participated or was the photographer she may have a problem with me as well. I think see will have to see what I have in any case.

Derby thanks
Sorry you're wrong can't think of one reason to hold off and that's not the sleep deprivation talking ..... thank you for the kind words... I;m doing whatever I can think of.

Not sure what you mean. Her family as it stands right now think she was stupid selfish sexual deviant. As to my family I can't imagine what I would have to do to make this much worse.

You don't know my mother in law.....Ya I got a need.

Your daughter is 28 and is having a hard time ...think of her being almost 13 and see you displayed like meat or worse. Those of you who are into this can cobble together an image those who are not .... got no fucking clue of what I'm talking about. I mildly described 1 really is a pictures worth a 1000 words or in this case 2-3000.

As of right now it was my wife's sloppiness for using my daughters user screen to check an email and left the page open and logged in. As it stands my daughter didn't hack in or obtain this material off wife's computer. Was she suspicious YES. She asked questions and was directly lied to... also true. It was a matter of time... house of cards and all..