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Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post

I didn't say that the individual *practice* of monogamy is wrong. People can do whatever they want. It was my post, I was talking about myself.

I repeatedly said that I'm talking in theoretical / academic / philosophical terms, and when I said that "monogamy is wrong" I was referring to the totality of what "monogamy" represents as outlined in the many posts above.

[a hegemonic superstructure - accepted a priori and presented as our default and natural behavior]

According to you, nobody should say that "Racism is wrong" because he might be offending someone.
Monogamy should not be conflated with monogamism. (Look up monogamy in a dictionary if you need to.)

Monogamism (my coinage -- to the best of my knowledge) is akin to sexism, racism, heterosexism, ageism, etc.... There is NO DOUBT that much or most of the world has deeply entrenched monogamism. Monogamism is enforced in numerous ways, usually involving fear, shame and guilt, and sometimes also involving law. Typically, breaking with monogamy is a taboo and results in the same sort of treatment from people as, say, breaking with the homosexuality taboo (or worse).

A cultural revolution is both called for and underway. It can't be too swift for my taste. It's dragging mighy slowly these days -- often because its allies fear backlash.
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