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Whoa yeah, it sounds like your description of the photos is plenty -- no need to have the graphic images in your mother-in-law's head, too. She is of a different generation and it may be totally out of her scope. And... that's her daughter. I know I wouldn't want to see my daughter in a sexual setting, it's just not my place. The same way your daughter was traumatized -- wouldn't it just be worse to have them both upset?

My 28-year old found out about our polyamorous arrangement and called and told my mother. It has been about 3 weeks now and things are still very rocky. My daughter is absolutely not speaking to me. She is very religious and says what I'm doing is disgusting.

My mother is very religious too but has been pretty cool about it. But one thing she does NOT want is details!!!

Actually my husband has been supportive and defensive of me, and of our lifestyle. He says it's really none of their business; it was an arrangement made by us as grown adults and it is our right -- we were not breaking any laws (thank goodness for freedom!) and we are not Puritans these days. As for moral laws, well who lays those down?? Gets sticky there, but the pursuit of happiness is a biggie.

I am terribly sorry this has happened to your family

We have had MAJOR issues in ours about privacy and snooping. It has nearly destroyed us. So I am really feeling for you all.