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Default Blowing the dust off my soap box...

I must admit to having been a little fired up yesterday and more than a little tired of seeing/hearing humans treat each other unkindly.

I am a big fan of being polite; I find that it is hard to disregard a polite person.

Also, I must acknowledge that I took the title of this thread "Let's start a revolution" more seriously than perhaps is healthy.

Too much NPR and BBC radio this month...

But here's a nice little anecdote for thought:

In the last few months I have made two incredible new friends, a married, monogamous gay couple, who adopted two kids a few years ago. The adoption was the first of its kind in their home state, requiring much legal hoop jumping and many lawyers, and was furthermore financed in part by the Catholic Church. The stipulation from the Church was that they could not go to the media. They agreed. Even wrote a nice thank you letter to the Pope, who did not respond.

Quite revolutionary. Quiet revolutionary. No big press conference, but who cares? There are now two beautiful children being raised up in a solid, loving, respectful, educated family. A more tolerant family. A 21st century family.

The revolution is already happening, one healthy relationship at a time.

But it will take time.

Quality takes time.
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