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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
Likewise, for those of us (like myself) who are dating monogamous people... it's offensive to have someone rail on monogamy as being "wrong".
I didn't say that the individual *practice* of monogamy is wrong. People can do whatever they want. It was my post, I was talking about myself.

I repeatedly said that I'm talking in theoretical / academic / philosophical terms, and when I said that "monogamy is wrong" I was referring to the totality of what "monogamy" represents as outlined in the many posts above.

[a hegemonic superstructure - accepted a priori and presented as our default and natural behavior]

According to you, nobody should say that "Racism is wrong" because he might be offending someone.

I'm young, enthusiastic and maybe provocative but I truly did not mean to offend anybody. If I did offend anyone, I apologize.

Happy Women's Day to all you girls out there

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