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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
My niece has made a huge impact in my life. Part of my recent turn around in how I choosing to live my life is for her. I want her to be proud of me.

Right now everything she does lights me up. I recently spoke to her on the phone and she fully pronounced "I love you (Mohegan)". When we last saw her at Christmas it was a jarble of toddler talk.

She turns 2 march 30th and with every milestone she reaches I feel like I have had some part in that. She is so smart, and so beautiful, and such a joy. Even when she is having a stubborn moment that could rival mine.

I love watching those blue eyes light up when she sees me. I love watching the gears turn as she puts things together in her head. Seeing her learn.

I think children are such a gift. They teach us as much as we teach them. Their innocence is a reminder of true honesty. They are so true to themselves.

I think any of us who have kids in our lives are truly blessed.
Thanks Mohegan - You describe your relationship so well - I can feel the rays of sunlight she brings you !

I have looked after my girlfriend's 2 children every thursday for the last 4 years - She works late on a thursday. She looks after my kid on a Monday, when I work late..

I'm so appreciative of being in a position where I can develop a relationship with those 2 little minds. She seems to think I'm doing her a favour - I've always felt the pleasure is mine....that I'm the one getting the bargain
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