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I spend Tuesday nights at Mono's house, which we call the OH (my Other Home). Quite often I will spend Friday or Saturday night there and sleep in; coming home at noon usually. Sometimes Mono sleeps at our place on the pull out couch and I get up with him and the boy in the morning so we can all watch TV in bed. Usually he does that if we have been spending time with my husband at home the night before or if he babysits. We also see each other several times a week after work as we both finish work at around 3. I go and get my boy from school at about 5.

Its all negotiated each week, except Tuesday night which we have only changed once since January. We went away for a weekend once. We also spend time together at my house doing family stuff too. Mono spends time with my boy sometimes and with my husband sometimes too. They are all good friends.
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