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If she has a partner already that is female and wants kids. I wonder if they or she just wants a sperm donor. He is all in NRE over her and she is NREing over the fact that she seems to be well on her way to having a baby with him. I would wonder if when she is pregnant if she will end it with him. Having accomplished what she came for.

Could be, or what others say, cowgirl.

Sorry you are going through this. I hope you continue to address your needs in this and remind him its only been two monthes. He doesn't know her yet and they are making babies? NRE lasts up to two years! There is no way he could know what she will be like as a mother or someone to live with. He need to find out what she is like as a person just living her life first. That doesn't happen until the NRE wears off.

Perhaps he should come here and read up on NRE.
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