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Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
I have more time with my child that many double income families...When he's at school...I'm at work..When he's at home, I'm at home.
Yes but house work still needs to get done, and when you come home from work you're not tired? If you're not tired I guess you have a job which isn't very taxing, I don't know how many people as a percentage can say such things about their job.

Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
I just want to point out it is possible to have the time & energy & resources to do it all well. It's not impossible. It's entirely possible that mothers can work to provide the basics whilst still being able to have enough time and energy to give to their kids..
And in no way do I find it abhorrent that people may be financially dependant - It's just simply not for me as it limits the choices I can make..
Sure it's not impossible to be a single parent, I never stated such a thing, and needing to point it out sounds like you are a bit insecure or touchy about it? It's simply easier if you don't have to work whilst raising children and better for your children in most cases (not all) as it means the parent can service their needs better. Your child isn't learning from you while you're at work, he's learning from other people.

Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
My main point was that targeting single mothers on the assumption they are looking for finances and someone to help with the kids could backfire reasonably often. Plenty of single mothers have that stuff worked out ok on their own ! And Happily so
Plenty of single mothers/parents also desperately want more help in their lives. Do you believe otherwise? People that are in desperate need of something are more willing to compromise non essential things in their life, such as monogamy.

Most people aren't born monogamous, they are taught to be it, to change such deep rooted things isn't easy for most people. The other benefit about targeting single mothers is they already have a family, which is what the poster seems to want.
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