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It does.

However, acting out what he 'thinks he wants' before he knows who he is and that what he wants IS what is right for him... is not a great idea. not only is he gambling with your relationship he is playing with someone else's heart too, not to mention any children caught up in it...

He NEEDS to slow down for EVERYBODY's sake.

maybe you could show him your thread here and have him look around the forum... do a tag search on foundations, mono/poly (any combination of those two words), children and polyamory, compassion, boundaries

all of the threads will have other tags at the bottom which you can also click on to look for other things that may have value to you as well.

*Edit: I agree with LR re the counselling - VERY important he continue that... can't leave a job like that half done, seeping out and leaving a mess everywhere
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