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It doesn't matter a whole lot what the picture is sweetie.

Let me say this,
any decision made from fear is going to backfire at some point. Therefore it's GOOD that you recognize how frightened you are.

At the same time, MANY decisions made during NRE are JUST as likely to backfire.

It still sounds A LOT like he's not using protection as agreed and that is a sticking point you two definitely need to iron out. The backlash of that one can be catastrophic for all involved.

Also, it would be good for both of you to read up on the risks of making decisions of any importance during NRE (big red flag there). As for the therapy, just quiting is a bad idea, find a new therapist. It's hell when you have internal demons plaguing you from the past, hell you needn't torment yourself with for life. It's always better to get them resolved.


adding new relationships NEVER resolves demons. It's ALWAYS better to resolve them BEFORE moving forward into additional relationships.
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