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Bella, what I found insulting was Preciselove's advice to "target" a woman. Like trying to win a prize at a carnival or something. I thought about taking the bait, decided not to, and then saw that he got you. Oh well! Let's not let one poster's sexism take the thread off-topic -- PL often hijacks others' threads to say things like that, sooner or later someone's rankled by it, and then there's a debate <sigh> ...

DayStar, a number of things came to my mind when I read your post. I think, on one hand, you would do well try not to get too caught up in finding the perfect "two women" who will fit into place in your desired scenario. On the other hand, sure, with people who are already poly, it could be easier to find two than one. BUT when you have a pre-conceived notion of what you want, sometimes you can miss other good opportunities that would make you happy as well. You may need to establish a relationship with one person before you add another. Especially since you've mostly been monogamous - maybe easing into poly is a good idea.

Since you live on a farm in a small town, I'm not sure what kind of socializing you can do, but there is online dating (OKCupid is good for poly people) and to find other like-minded folks. If you're into intentional communities, why not visit one and see what it's like? You can see if there are any near you here: Intentional Communities Directory. Good luck!
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