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Originally Posted by SirLurksAlot View Post
From that, to keep on the thread of the topic and to further my own understanding, what is the glue that would keep a vee together?
Our poly family is a .... weird.

We're a closed Quad in terms of "family". That means, that there are four of us who live here as the adults of the family (although our oldest child IS an adult now and does remain living here). We are the "parents" so to speak of the family.

However, in terms of sex-we're a V. I am sexually involved with my husband and my boyfriend. My sister is not sexually involved with any of us. Both men are STRAIGHT.
In our "V", we are mostly closed "poly-fi" with the option for Maca to find another woman who could at some point be added. So he dates at times, but in terms of sex, there hasn't been another since last August. She remains a FWB in terms of the endearment, lovey dovey, friendship, kissing, hugging. But they haven't been sexually involved since August...

What "keeps it together" is that we're a family. We have kids we're raising, a home to keep up, an affection and friendship between all of us.... we're a team.
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