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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
Isn't this a big generalization itself? Speaking for many single parents now are we? Not that I mind generalizations but if you're going to criticize someone for making them...

The reality is this, in the modern world finances are required to live. If you can't properly support yourself financially due to a variety of reasons having someone that will support you and love you is an excellent reason to be with someone. In fact, one may argue it's better than someone who will only love you and not give you any money.

Just because you may find it abhorrent for people to be financially dependent on others doesn't mean it's wrong to be that way. Mothers that found someone who could take care of them financially would be able to spend more time raising their kids instead of working to provide the basics to their kids. And I think most people would agree that the more time parents can be around for their children the better.

Sure - I'll rephrase...

I'm a single mother, I find it insulting.

Of the single mothers that I know, those wonderful strong women who are raising gorgeous, well adjusted children and also managing rewarding careers as doctors, nurses, teachers, baristas and accountants...All of them would feel insulted.

I have more time with my child that many double income families...When he's at school...I'm at work..When he's at home, I'm at home.

I just want to point out it is possible to have the time & energy & resources to do it all well. It's not impossible. It's entirely possible that mothers can work to provide the basics whilst still being able to have enough time and energy to give to their kids..
And in no way do I find it abhorrent that people may be financially dependant - It's just simply not for me as it limits the choices I can make..

My main point was that targeting single mothers on the assumption they are looking for finances and someone to help with the kids could backfire reasonably often. Plenty of single mothers have that stuff worked out ok on their own ! And Happily so

Sorry for the thread hijack..
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