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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
"They are very interested in financial and parenting support and are more willing to overlook other things like "non monogamy".
As a single mother, I pride myself on being completely financially independant...and also of being capable of providing quality parental care at all times.

If I were approached by someone who came to the table with some $$$ and an attitude of "let me help you take care of the kids"....I'd be pretty insulted, truth be told.

And single parents are completely capable of choosing non-monogamy...rather than it being something to be "overlooked"...
We're not sad sacks waiting at home for knights in shining armour to come save us - We're just as likely to be business women/men with full, rich, happy and complex lives...

Deep breathing required here !

That's a big generalisation that many single mothers and single parents would find insulting.
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