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Regardless of what else happens and what she says at the moment, your daughter still loves her mother, and always will...

As her remaining parent that she can trust, you MUST not disturb that bond - as hard as it is, you must protect it - I'm not saying you must encourage or nurture it at the moment - but you MUST protect whatever is left... that is what you must do as her parent. However they repair their relationship in the future is up to them - but your daughter will never forgive you if you destroy whatever is left, by sharing out the pictures that SHE discovered - she will then be consumed by the guilt that whatever destroyed her mum was something that she found and shared with you... and she will likely hate you for it too.

(I have teens in a similar situation (physical abuse issues not photo's) and I am only just starting to step out of the murky waters with my eldest (16) and the middle (13))

This is a very difficult time for everyone. Give yourself some time to calm down, and only make decisions when you are feeling calm - and i mean calm - not cold and detached... but calm. Likely there will be a very very small number of people who will need the assistance of seeing a photo to assist them to understand what is going on... your verbal description to us has made things fairly crystal clear though... and for the reasons I stated above it is my opinion that sharing the photo's would be a very bad idea, and only cause more damage.
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