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Oh DH, that is absolutely aweful. I feel for you so much... and your daughter!!! Just terrible. I can't imagine what that would be like for her....

the others are right, take a breath, try and sleep... lack of sleep is not helping I'm sure. Take your time... breath and make a plan...

This wife of yours has a hell of a road, be sure that what you do now doesn't traumatize your daughter more... just don't say a thing if you find yourself about to blow up about your opinion on her actions... your daughter will take that on like a house on fire. The last thing she needs is to sever the tie with her mother entirely. That could very well be in your hands. She didn't mean for her daughter to see that. No mother would want that. It was an accident... put that into perspective. This is why your wife is a mess now. Not because she is a sub into what she is into.

Your daughter needs therapy and now... I'm glad you are on that! Very very important in my opinion.

Please, by all means, vent here as much as you like as far as I am concerned, but be sure to announce that you are and that you need to. It's good to get it out... just be careful where.

*hugs* (seems so small, but full of a lot of meaning).
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