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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
I want to send that picture to my mother in law as to explain the situation....she can see just 1 of a series photo's....I'm glad to share the whole file with her.


I can only imagine the damage done to your daughter with this...and to you. BUT, River had some great advice; stay calm my friend. You want to hurt your wife and her boyfriend..I get that, but if you must do it, at least do it legally. Your daughter is going to need you in control and composed as a parent. It is likely you will be her only parent for quite a while as your daughter takes time to heal from this new reality.

Stay in control, don't do anything that will take you out of your daughter's life and try to show at least some compasion for your wife. She's probably about to get crucified by friends, family and her own daughter.

Be careful with your anger. You are in control here as much as some people might not like hearing that. You are holding the cards...try to play them with some compassion and the idea that your wife is still the mother of your child.

Be smart.

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