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Originally Posted by SirLurksAlot View Post
Granted, a vee could have the same benefits, provided friendship were an adequate substitute for intimacy in the relationship. Essentially they both have the same application in MY personal lifestyle, I would just be happier with the tri for whatever reason.
Real friendship the way I do it can be a lot more satisfying than a sexual relationship. Sometimes, when love is perfect, there is no tension, not enough for great sex anyway. Read more under 'lesbian bed-death' .

Originally Posted by SirLurksAlot View Post
When I read the couple-third-couple I must admit I thought of the BDSM scene
I'm not in the scene, but beginning vanilla couples looking for an unicorn abound in poly circles. It's not that hard to get into an hourglass formation quite accidentally, because the couples-looking/unicorns ratio is so skewed.
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