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Magdlyn Its possible that she was in moms computer however she said my wife was on our home computer and was on my daughters screen to retrieve some email...and left it open. And she did show me that when we eventual got home.

Yes the photos where of her mother.... my particular favorite is the one with some metal hook inserted and tied off with her hair .... Christmas Card stuff Or maybe a poster.

I want to send that picture to my mother in law as to explain the situation....she can see just 1 of a series photo's....I'm glad to share the whole file with her.

My daughter is 12 she will be 13 in a few months.. I rounded up for convenience.

I think if anyone wants to participate in such activities and maybe embarrassed if such things where uncovered then you better damn well be a fuck of lot more careful..... THIS IS COMPLETELY RECKLESS AND STUPID.

According to the trauma therapist this is not as uncommon as you might think. They told of college kids coming home unannounced to find a party in which his family home was converted into some sort of bdsm play pen. Other example of kids finding video's and duffel bag full of tools or toys.

Do you have kids.... would you want them to see you in the position I described... would you want to imagine your mother in such a situation and some strange man beating her or worse, when you were 12?

Lets not forget the emails the verbal assault is just as bad if not worse because they mention places an activities in which me and the family where at. example.... hi I'm at the water park and blah blah I'm so bored ... " I want you to slide your hand down and start playing with yourself .....blah blah .....My daughter was there she remembers that day she had a friend with us and NOW SHE KNOWS HER MOTHER WAS PLAYING WITH HERSELF with all this going on.

Right this second I see nothing about this that's spiritually enlightening... Dungeon, Darkness, Pain, Humiliation, whipping, bondage, Gags, Hooks inserted in you like so much meat, butt plugs... whats enlightening about this.

Not the world ....Strategic few.... I don't care as long as it doesn't hurt my kids or his kids. I as shocked as she was boundary violation.