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Originally Posted by catbird View Post
...And a believer has to decide about having faith in the Bible. ... We're dealing with an ancient culture, having as much to do with life today as a culture from Mars might.
I'm not interested in changing people's minds about their religion on this message board. I'm interested in how their religious beliefs affect the way they deal with polyamory.

If someone else believes that the Bible is sacred Scripture that speaks truth to them, then that person might need to reconcile the Bible with polyamory. I've had experience doing this. I'm interested in talking Bible and polyamory with this person. Or some other aspect of their religion. I'm interested in conversations that might lead to answers WITHIN their religion, not simply tossing it aside for expedience.

If someone believes the Bible is irrelevant, then that person doesn't need to reconcile the Bible with polyamory. And that's fine. But it's not okay to tell someone else to toss aside their religion. It might stop them from talking about things they really want to talk about. It might make them feel unwelcome on this message board.

Just as I object to a monogamous-minded person telling me that polyamory is all impossible fantasy that can never ever work and I must return to monogamy, I also object to a secular-minded person telling me that my religion or Bible is irredeemable flawed and I must cast it off.

If we polys want people to be tolerant of us, we need to be tolerant of each other.
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