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Originally Posted by louise101 View Post
Thanks redpepper! Actually, I love coffee shops... just wish they didn't charge $5 for a cup of coffee I can make at home (my hubby got me an espresso machine last year) for .50. ROFL

I really like the crafting circle idea. Tea, coffee, cookies and crafts while sitting around the living room chatting... THAT is my idea of a good time (ok, I'm a dork, I admit it, LOL).

Any ideas on how to meet other poly people in the area? I looked for meetups but the closest was 4 hours away.
Put an add on Criagslist, talk on the poly forums on OKCupid or add it on your profile there, if you have one. Put an add up here in the "meetings and events" section... leave your contact info and then wait. Maybe the meet up that is four hours away would let everyone know that you are starting something up in your area. It could be that people from your area actually do make the trek to the meet up and would prefer to go to something closer.
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