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The melt down happen thursday evening while driving my daughter home from optometrist appointment. I asked what was bothering her she started crying sobbing then screaming she's disgusting and sick. After several minutes of that she finally hands me a zip drive and says we can't go home ...she never wants to see or speak to her mother again. She and I then go to my office to see whats on the zip.

I find 300 email and photo' which a large percentage have heavy sm kink component and all photo's are of the X rated nature. I lost a few hours after that.... dont really remember everything I did.....haven't slept much since so I may not make lot of sense right now. I called my wife told her what had happen told her I thought she should grab some clothes and stuff spend the night somewhere else till I could get an assessment of the damage. Friday morning called therapist to get direction on who my daughter could see.... got to someone 1:30 that day. Got a call from wife's sister saying she very worried about my wife....saying she was going to kill herself. We thought she should go to her house for at least the weekend...wife can't function enough to drive to end of the drive way let along 2 hrs. Can we trust her to not try and kill herself of the way there. I got one of my team to take my truck put her car on one of the trailers and had him drive her and her car to her sisters. Got a call from her other sister who lives thousands of miles away and she was extremely supportive and completely in the dark as to what had happen. Apparently she's in a ball crying or catatonic. I'm planning to send her mother some or all of the photo's so she can grasp what her grand daughter is going through. In fact maybe the whole family should see this.

Got to go meet someone about this right now.... more later