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Default It's been a long time

And I was pretty new anyway, so many of you may have no idea who I am ;-).

My husband is DavidWebb on this forum (no, not his real name). It has been quite the year--lots of ups and downs (including 3 breakups for me, blech), but he and I are closer than ever, he has a girlfriend of 7 months with whom I have a wonderful relationship. She spends a great deal of time with us and has become part of the family.

We are hoping to do a more thorough update very soon on my blog, but I just wanted those who have a clue who we are to know that we are doing fantastically well (I just love him more and more) and I wanted those who may be struggling to know that we have had plenty of bumps, even some recent, but we are deeply committed to one another and learning a lot!

Wishing everyone well!

Married for 14 years to an amazing man, "David Webb" on the forum
Discovered that I was poly in January 10,
forging my path together with the best partner I could ever ask for!
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