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Have any of you read Divine Sex: Liberating Sex From Religious Tradition by Philo Thelos?

I ask, because I'm reading it right now. It's not at all what i thought it would be based on the title. The writer was a pastor in a christian church for 36 years.
His purpose in the book is to show what the Bible itself actually teaches regarding sex, instead of what the church has decided is correct.
I'm only half way through teh book and let me tell you what, it's VERY interesting.

The section I'm in right now is about "adultery" and what the term in Hebrew meant (which is not sex with partners other than your spouse, something I already knew). It's VERY VERY intriguing as it basically comes out that the Bible doesn't teach anything against multiple lovers when you are married, or multiple marriages for that matter.

It might be something you would find interesting to read if this is a topic you are trying to reconcile for yourselves also. I know it's been eye-opening for me and not in a bad way.
Nowhere does the author in any way twist the words that are written, in fact he seems to be dead set in his faith in Jesus as the savior and in his confidence in the Bible being the perfect word of God. He quotes the Bible fully-not partially, so no manipulation of pieces and parts for convenience.

Well worth the read. He also gives a LOT of information in the back on where to get additional information about studying the Bible, the languages and the history.
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