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This thread is like a trainwreck. Every time I look at it, my eyebrow lifts a little farther.

Here's my thought on where the error of your statements is;

The pendulum was swung one direction (monogamy only) and you are seeking to send it flying the other way. EVEN IF the "majority" of the population is genetically created for poly, the fact that it's "majority" implies the obvious fact that there's someone who is not.

Furthermore, as Mono has stated in this thread as well as MANY others MANY TIMES before, you can't convince the MAJORITY of people to change their behavior to your way of doing things by forcing your thoughts down their throat violently. Whether that violence is how you communicate or physical abuse or whatever doesn't matter.

What matters is that age old statement, "actions speak louder than words". It doesn't much matter what you SAY, it's about what you DO. If you want people to see the benefit of changing, then SHOW THEM the benefits by leading the happy, fulfilling life that they long for and when they ASK YOU how you did it, that's the time to gently explain your methodology.

If you piss them off before you even get to your point, you've wasted the effort.
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