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Originally Posted by MintyGum View Post
[*]Getting HER pregnant. Everybody has different modes of contraception and how they take care of that routine, some stricter/smarter about it than others. I know I've faltered in the past (without the end result of course) and it scares me to imagine that scenario.
how about disease? That is just as big no? I would hope he is using a condom and protection when he goes down on her.
Originally Posted by MintyGum View Post
I'm waiting for him to "grow out of it." Does that even happen? Is this a phase that men can grow out of?
Sorry, it doesn't seem likely that he will grow out of it... I haven't heard of that... unless he is looking for just sex. Or is looking to be able to cheat with you knowing. It isn't evident from your post what his thoughts are. Taking a girl home for the night is not generally what people consider poly... it seems more like threesome sex or swinging or having and open relationship.... but then again, people claim love in one night of fucking so I dunno... Some others claim that is just the hormones that occur due to sex. It's all your choice what you want to call it.

I'm glad to hear you are reading and imagining... keep at it. He is going at your pace it sounds like and you are moving forward... it takes time and patience on both sides and a whole lot of communication... keep at it.
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