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There have been many times on this forum that metamours have run in's with each other... it happens. There has been Mohegan/Cricket/Karma and Kat Tails/morningglory629; both blogs where on line fights have come up. The mods do their best to keep the conversation just that, conversation. This board is meant to give observations, advice, tell stories and support one another, not fight. It is suggested that fighting happen in real life, not on here, if you can help it. A thread that becomes a fight will be locked until further notice.

Whenever I write on here I try and remember there are always two sides to a story. We don't often hear both sides... when we don't and then suddenly do, I would hope that those involved take that into context and use what others say as a way to learn and see things from the others perspective... empathize and attempt to find a middle ground... negotiate boundaries with the information, not hate more and find more negativity. I realize that is a hard thing to do and don't have the expectation that it is always possible to be accomplished, but an attempt could be beneficial.
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