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Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post
First of all, I didn't say Polyamory is about about conversion. But I AM about conversion. I now "push" on everyone I know an organic wheat grass powder called Green Vibrance. It has all the nutrients and vitamins you need, it promotes general health, it gives you clean natural energy, it increases your mental capacity. You can find it on Amazon and read the 139 five star reviews. There are now six other people who started taking it because of me, because I "pushed" them to it. Why? Because I've never been healthier in my life, because it knocked off an hour of my sleep each night, because my skin looks like I'm 12 years old again. So when I find something good I talk about it with everybody and try to have them try it. That's just the kind of person I am. Actually, many or most people I know would NOT talk about this with their friends because most people (according to my 31 years of experience) have a tendency to keep good things for themselves, out of selfishness and jealousy.

I have never been one that listens well to high pressure sales people...or fundamentalist "fire and brimstone" styles..or "snake oil" type matter how potentially wonderful, unique, or outstanding a "product" may be. This is how your style comes across to me. I get into that old "fight-flight-freeze" positioning, which I don't find conducive in trying to connect and discuss issues with others. As a psychotherapist...I don't find it to be a particularly effective style of communication with the majority of the people who are considering making changes within themselves...and I have been in "the business" for 34 years.

Do I go around talking about all I know from personal and professional experience to everyone I meet because it's good stuff and I want everyone to benefit from it? NO! Is it because I "want to keep good things for myself, out of selfishness and jealousy." NO. It's because I have deep respect for an individual's autonomy, their sense of value and worth, their right to travel their journey...and while I find humans to have many common wants, needs, patterns of behaviors, etc....each one has had a unique combination.

You will find those who respond well to your style of presentation about your POV. If your desire is to share the "good news" you've found, however, with the largest number of people possible...and/or to find others who share a similar POV...AND TO BE HEARD...I'm not sure you're current style of communication is the most conducive to that end.

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