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In the heat of the moment I sometimes forget the deeper intelligence and get caught up in the voices of the surface intelligence. (These are my substitutes for "higher" and "lower". Lower things are good, and not inferior. They are to be kept and used and praised.)

The deeper intelligence takes a long view and is not afraid to allow the transformation of the surface intelligence -- often into itself. It's called deep learning. The deeper intelligence invisibly guides one toward one's and the world's (that's everyone's) best good. Deep good, not "higher". (Even "deep" is something akin to a metaphor. So don't choke on it.)

When the world is rocking and rolling within me, when deep change is afoot (high change!, wide...) the surface intelligence likes to spread out its archaic wares in the mind's eye like a good salesman. And I can forget the subtle and graceful, nearly silent, voice of deeper intelligence. That is when I need to Stop. I need to stop. Set aside the insistant KnowItAll salesman. His tools and wares are good, but they are not always the best tool for the job.

This message has been brought to you by the deeper intelligence, which lives just beyond my finger tips, and whose work is play. And who dreams up freedom.
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