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Indie, so did I think I was single. I'm not sure what to call myself now.

The thing is, coming from a small-ish country, I try to keep details of my personal dating live to an absolute minimum in what comes to genders, home towns etc. on this forum, and try not to post about people I haven't asked beforehand if it's okay for them to appear in my rants.

However, this didn't start out as dating. We met entirely accidentally, hit it off, became friends and now it appears have graduated into the muddy waters of romantic friendship.

Situation update: wife knows. She is feeling very insecure. I don't blame her. Personally, I think NRE is like a bus-load of shit that hits you in the face unawares, transforming you from a perfectly nice and sane individual into something way darker. The last thing I want is to foist my bus-load onto someone else.

I see three options where it can go from here.
1) She tells me to get the hell away.
2) She says it's me or her.
3) She wants to talk, vents some of her anger, tells me I'm an absolute shit-head and then wants to go get a beer together.
(4) She is super-excited, wants a secondary of her very own and we all collapse into a happy poly bundle. This is the fantasy la-la-land option, but I wanted to put it here anyway to make me feel better.)

I'm letting my contact info out there so she can communicate if and when she wants, don't want to butt myself in.
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