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Oh yeah, I don't know who I'm talking with and shit hits the fan!

That said, there is a world of hurt. This thread and everything both of you have posted is simply bleeding with it.

Crunchy, this is a forum where people have really raw histories of struggling to come to terms with polyamory. Everybody answers with their own point of view and life histories in mind. People who have been cheated on will add their own hurt to how they respond to a cheating situation. Emotional openness and personality is what I think is great about this forum.

Mahogany, throw out the words homewrecker and the other woman out of the window for now. Words create barriers between people as often as they do build bridges. When you call somebody something, that something is how you will eventually start to perceive them.

What both of you are feeling is PERFECTLY OKAY and JUSTIFIED. However, fighting, name-calling and she said-she said has the potential to only poison things further.
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