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My ex-poly couple had "their" bed. She suggested that he and I sleep in it one night when she was working and they hadn't gotten the room ready that I was going to be staying in. I would not have felt comfortable sleeping there had she not known and approved. A second time she suggested it when other company filled up the beds in the house and she, again, was working night shift. I was planning on sleeping on the couch and had actually started to set my night stuff up there. There came another night, however, that I became uncomfortable sleeping in their bed (even though she knew about it and approved) because it reminded me that they were together most every night and I was just an "extra". (I had never wanted to be a secondary, but that's how things were starting to go and what ultimately led to our break-up) After that we slept in the bed in the room I used when staying over even when she wasn't home at night. My bed was a futon so it wasn't nearly as comfortable as their king size bed especially since our guy is quite tall, but we adjusted.

Had we stayed together, I would have liked to eventually have all three of us sleep together, even though she and I weren't a "couple" and had no plans to ever be sexually/romantically involved. (She is bi-sexual, he and I are heterosexual.) It just always seemed kind of sad to me that any one of us would be "left out" when we loved and cared about each other. When she had been married, she and her husband and our guy all slept together occasionally according to what they shared with me. (Both guys were heterosexual and not sexually involved with each other.)

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