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Default Where I shine

You must understand, and this is very simple, that I give love directly and naturally to any and all things. I like the way love feels for the giving.

Rarechild and Catfish are my friends and my family; I love them both, and that's just the way it is.

What I am able to see of myself through their eyes is humbling and fantastic. I remain in awe of their capacity for love, of themselves, of each other, and of me.

What remains of me, physically isolated from them on a daily basis, is a refined version of the ore of myself; I am comforted by my own potential.

I am no charlatan and I am good at what I do. And what I do is live, passionately.

I am a maker of things, of objects and experiences, and it is in this that I shine most brightly.

It is time again for me to shine, brilliantly, vibrantly, coherently, and with clarity. Work awaits me, in the kind I like best, and I assure you it threatens to shake me to my core.

These are my constant daemons, the ones who drive me, fervently, down a path of self examination and cultural filtration. These daemons, my life-long companions, are the caretakers of my soul.

What has this to do with a polyamorous life?


To know that I am seen, well and honestly by two enormous souls, is a glass of magnification upon my own image of myself.

Where I shine most brightly is at the edge of my fingertips, past the precipice of self-doubt, and beyond the expectations of my imagination.

It is high time I got to work.

And that's just the way it is.
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