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Well...I am NOT a liar....that is one thing I am not....

I am confused as to what emotional abuse Crunchymama speaks of....I am not an abusive person....and I honestly don't know what she is referencing.....we have very limited contact/communication, but we all know it is hard to see things through others lenses.

I never once have asked him to leave her for me.
Crunchymama - No, you did not ask him to leave me for you....BUT you did push him to tell with the hopes I would leave and then you TWO can move forward without me. You never pushed him to tell me with polyamory in mind...

As for your relationship with him regressing.....that was not my decision alone....I never forced him to do anything.....I will never cage a bird.....I told you that and him that????? He was a big part of that decision and change....I was giving a whole lot more....he saw my unhappiness and pushed for me to make more boundaries.....these weren't his idea boundaries (but he accepted them to help me heal).....(you already know all this ?????)

I have also said you are a caring, loving person.....and I did not make this thread into a bash Crunchymama thread.....this was solely about me and my mental/emotional journey.....

but I am not a liar.....that is one thing that I am not. Everything I said here is the TRUTH....

I also want to apologize to everyone who has posted and communicated with me, I am not going to turn this post into a debate match between Crunchymama and myself (that's what phones, emails, the weekends are for, etc).....that would be unfair to everyone because this forum should not be used for that.....

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